Evian- new commercial

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Ok,  I remember have seen this one with the freaky roller babies. But this one seems more originals with this sequences of t-shirts.



-Edition spécial –

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Ultra Noir

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Doin my training into an agency here in Barcelona, I found lookin trough this wonderful internet a website made with HTML 5. I’m not programmer but I can tell that he ‘s beautifuly build. The website, I’m talking to is ultranoir.com and there superblog I found this nice stopmotion.

Hello all,

hope you are enjoying your holidays, I’ve just received this from a friend on twitter. A brand called Melissa has realized a new campaign. The power of love made of 350,000 post-it and  5 months.

Post find on Swissmiss (a compatriot): While I am not crazy about the foul language in this stop animation, I am completely in love with the fact that Comic Sans fights back. The last sentence made me laugh out loud. The original monologue was written by Mike Lacher but the animation is by Joe Hollier who also created this amazing stop animation called My Visual Diary.


Zelda in stop motion

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You know, something will happen this summer, but before that surprise  I’ll just let you enjoy this two papercut of Zelda.

Don’t be shy. drop a line.



Hello everyone, just a little video about my region and the famous music from the band Innacrisis. I used to work in Verbier during the winter season and I could tell that’s a place to be.

If you want to find more infos about Verbier otherwise enjoy the video.



Terminator 2 in stop motion

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Le petit prince and the new ad

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molsekin little prince

MTV new ad

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This is an impressive stop motion video for MTV Brazil. Unlike many other stop-motion ideas, these are not drawings on papers nor picturdfdfdfdfdes, but drawings on balloons. The balloons were set onto a 200 meter long rail and to achieve a moving picture effect, 10 balloons had to be popped per second, which are 600 balloons per minute.