be more ecological and wear the new Levi’s jeans collection

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Campaign
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Levi’s is one of the firms more involved or concerned with maintaining the environment and moderate consumption. Thus far has surprised not only with its new line of jeans ‘Less Water’, also by the accompanying advertising campaign.
This new line of organic jeans have been developed with 28% less water than they need for normal jeans and even reaching 96% in some models, so the firm will produce about a million and a half of pants for next spring, and it is estimated that the savings will be about 16 million liters of water.
But to launch this new line Water Less, signature Levi’s has had to undertake a study dating from 2007 in which he analyzed the resources required to produce their traditional model 501, and concluded that during the entire life cycle of these pants will spend about 3,480 liters of water.
In this new collection jeans ecological per 41.6 liters of water saving.Furthermore, the elimination of water in the process, you get a fabric as strong but soft to the touch and light weight.
Ultimately Levi’s plans to adopt the waterless system for all your jeans, and as has been reported, intends shortly to help people with more problems to access it with all the liters of water to be saved from now on with the adoption of this new process.
Do not miss the video that launched Levi’s for this purpose.


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