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Ultra Noir

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Advertising, Fun, Paper

Doin my training into an agency here in Barcelona, I found lookin trough this wonderful internet a website made with HTML 5. I’m not programmer but I can tell that he ‘s beautifuly build. The website, I’m talking to is and there superblog I found this nice stopmotion.


Post find on Swissmiss (a compatriot): While I am not crazy about the foul language in this stop animation, I am completely in love with the fact that Comic Sans fights back. The last sentence made me laugh out loud. The original monologue was written by Mike Lacher but the animation is by Joe Hollier who also created this amazing stop animation called My Visual Diary.


Posted: May 18, 2011 in Fun, Love
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First Idea was the one below

Certainly you may have seen this one. Another funny story of lego which shows a desperate man missing lego pieces. Apparently it takes few minutes to make click ! that’s  true but how long to make this video ?

The Common Camera Project is a neat experiment started in 2009 by a group of Berkeley students led by Kevin Huynh in which hundreds of disposable cameras are being passed around the world with these simple instructions on the back of each one:

Step 1: Take a picture of something that inspires you.
Step 2: Pass the camera on to someone you trust.
Step 3: If you’re last, mail the camera back to us.

Over 300 are currently in the wild, and they have a special page tracking their progress on a map. The resulting photos will be published to the Common Cam website and possibly in a book or exhibition as well.

Info taken on

Anything to tell about them, you know more than me for sure. Actually that’s the band that  I would like to see in concert. I heard they quite good in live. The inspiration has been taken somewhere in this video.

Rhett & Link are a North Carolina-based comedy duo consisting of life-long best friends, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. They are best known for their internet videos and are self-proclaimed “Internetainers”.  They have been featured on CNN, BBC, NPR, TV Guide, E! News, TMZ, The Jay Leno Show, Lopez Tonight, Last Call with Carson Daly, and Ellen.

In addition to their web presence, Rhett & Link are also musicians and filmmakers, and have worked in network television as hosts. They own and operate a video production company, Rhett & Link, Inc.

I remember having seen the first war t-shirts a year a go and now they had done another for Mc Donald. Nice concept and again check out the making of !

the way they’ve done it

The first one

Behind the scene

Ok, most of you may think that biology is cool. Depends on the teacher right ?  As I remember mine were very boring, I couldn’t put any concentration at all. Anyway, I wish I had the same amount of time to draw during the class to make this animation.


Enjoy !


You always wonder how you can do simple animations without using software  ??? Here, you have a nice interpretation of simplicity. Judge by yourself and try it !!!


Hello Buddies,

I found this lovely  video about  Mega Man (Rockman in Japan) The first of many games released in a series of action/platforming titles by Capcom and created by Keiji Inafune. This title was originally released in December of 1987 on the Famicom. The first title differs from later sequels in that it contains a point system, no way to save (no passwords or save feature), and only six Robot Masters, as opposed to eight like the rest of the series.

Do you remember this time when we play on Nintendo hours and hours !

I really miss it ! but here ‘s my gift to you dear readers

The next video, I will dedicated to my classmate Ying-li from TAIWAN.