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Hello all,

hope you are enjoying your holidays, I’ve just received this from a friend on twitter. A brand called Melissa has realized a new campaign. The power of love made of 350,000 post-it and  5 months.


Posted: May 18, 2011 in Fun, Love
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First Idea was the one below

Message in the bottle

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Entertainement, Love
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When I think ” bottle it  reminds me a song from Police ! This video is not  their clip but a realisation of Young girl called Kirsten Lepore. This artist ‘s story tell about two friends away from each other sending this bottle trough the ocean.  All the details are really joyful.  Hope you’ll like it !

and of course the prove of the work done.

For this video, I don’t have special comment, but watch it how the works were done. For 3 mn, I can imagine how long they  take to this. Someone said into the making of video, that they probably took 9 month to realize it. Anyways ! congrats to them

The final video here

The making of that I suggest you to follow because they show how they work trough photoshop and the cut out.