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The Common Camera Project is a neat experiment started in 2009 by a group of Berkeley students led by Kevin Huynh in which hundreds of disposable cameras are being passed around the world with these simple instructions on the back of each one:

Step 1: Take a picture of something that inspires you.
Step 2: Pass the camera on to someone you trust.
Step 3: If you’re last, mail the camera back to us.

Over 300 are currently in the wild, and they have a special page tracking their progress on a map. The resulting photos will be published to the Common Cam website and possibly in a book or exhibition as well.

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Do you remember surely the other video about the ecological jeans ! but this one is also good because it mixed animation pictures with stop motion at the end of the ad. I think , it ‘s funny to believe that a trucker won’t see this when they are hitting the road or hunting all the times ! no ?

It’s a google campaign which made by googlejapan. Let’s see how the japanese guys spent 90 hours to cross america!

Around the world in 2000 pictures. Directed by Alex Profit, his project takes us though Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, St. Petersbourg, Shanghai, Tokyo, New york and London.


For this video, I don’t have special comment, but watch it how the works were done. For 3 mn, I can imagine how long they  take to this. Someone said into the making of video, that they probably took 9 month to realize it. Anyways ! congrats to them

The final video here

The making of that I suggest you to follow because they show how they work trough photoshop and the cut out.